HSBC Holdings plc is a British multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It is one of the world’s largest banks. We were responsible (as an agency) with the branding and tagline “The worlds local bank”.

HSBC’s tagline gives the impression HSBC understands different people and locations have different values. Promoting themselves as “The world’s local bank,” HSBC gives the feeling of having the insight on local values, combined with the strength and reliability of a global infrastructure.


Joined a project team as an IS Consultant to find a way for HSBC and the marketing agency to work together.


Collaboration in Banking and Marketing.


An efficient way to collaborate and work together back in 2004 to help pitch and maintain the HSBC client.


A one stop solution for project management including an approval process to sign-off work electronically. This included email, to-do list, and collaboration tools etc. We created a place to have everything in the project organised and accessible. Nothing was lost, forgotten or overlooked.

  • Collaborative whiteboard and PDF markup tool to proof your team’s designs with HSBC team. This kept track of all versions of files, allowed sharing of designs with HSBC and helped get approvals faster.
  • Kept HSBC in the loop by allowing them to join projects with a special ‘client’ status feature that we will defined. This allowed the marketing and account teams to share your overall progress through a visualised gantt chart with HSBC account teams
  • Created a simple workflow system and build frequently used templates, saving HSBC account team precious time and effort and also increasing the integrity of work


Successfully used by HSBC and the marketing agency for the whole duration of the account.  When HSBC changed agencies, the system  and templates were also transferred across.