Why use Programme Management?

Why use Programme Management?

Programme management is the co-ordinated management of a portfolio of projects which change organisations to achieve benefits that are of strategic importance.

Many organisations have adopted projects and project management as the vehicle for delivering new or changed business capability. Harnessing these projects into a coherent improvement process is a constant challenge.

The objective for a programme is to co-ordinate the delivery from a specific set of projects such that the programme can achieve more than just the outcomes from its projects, it can deliver measurable benefits that can be realised within the timescales of the programme as well as afterwards.

Benefits of using Programme Management?

Managing Successful Programmes provides organisations with an approach to programme management that will;

  • Enable more effective delivery of change
  • Keep the focus on the business change objectives
  • Provide a framework for senior management to direct the change process
  • Encourage more efficient use of resources through project prioritisation and integration
  • Provide better management of risk because the wider context is understood
  • Achieve business benefits during and after the programme through a formal process
  • Improve control of costs, standards and quality
  • Enable more effective management of the Business Case
  • Provide more efficient control of a complex range of activities
  • Provide clear definition of roles and responsibilities
  • Deliver a smooth transition from current to future business operation